Essential Car Accessories for Long Road Trips for this Summer in India

Summer is an excellent time to embark on long road trips across India. With the grandeur of the Himalayas to the serenity of the beaches along the South, the country has much to offer in terms of places that can only be viewed in all their glory by driving around in a car. To add more comfort, safety, and fun to your journey, here are some car accessories that you must travel with.

Here's a list of essential car accessories for long road trips this summer in India.

  1. Car Seat Organizers

One cannot afford to lose the way in the middle of a long journey due to a messy car, especially when you are going with your family or a set of friends. Car seat organizers are designed to keep your vehicle clean and yet have all the important things within your reach. Having a number of pockets and compartments, they offer enough space for one to store several snacks, drinks, electronic items, and other such traveling accessories.

  1. Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are a definite necessity for any summer road trip across all parts of India. They keep drinks cold and snacks fresh, thereby reducing the requirement of frequent stops. Compact yet spacious, cooler bags will ensure your refreshments stay cool throughout your journey, thus providing you with a perfect solution at scorching temperatures.

  1. Cushions and Blankets

Comfort while on the road for hours is the most important thing. Neck pillows and blankets of high quality will go a long way to ensure that now you and your passengers have a way of catching some rest during the trip. An ergonomic travel pillow and blanket work great during long trips to ensure to keep you comfortable and delight your journey.

  1. First Aid Kit

Safety should be visible at all instances of the road trip. Having a first-aid kit will help you treat minor mishaps or emergencies with no sweat. Your kit should typically contain bandages and band-aids, antiseptics, pain relievers, and other basic medications that might be needed for use in an emergency, so you can always be better prepared.

  1. Car Phone Mount and Charger

Then there is the need to stay connected and navigate properly during a long drive. A good car phone mount will keep the device secure and within easy view to guide on navigations. Secondly, a fast car charger will ensure that your gadgets are powered throughout the trip keeping you connected and on course.

  1. Emergency Roadside Kit

The other essential accessory for road trips that involve an overnight stay is an emergency roadside kit. It should consist of jumper cables, a flashlight, a reflector triangle, and basic tools. Having a well-stocked roadside kit will solve common car problems, therefore giving one a peace of mind as they start the journey.

  1. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

One harassment associated with road trips is the cleanliness of your car, especially if you have children or pets. Well, a portable vacuum cleaner is a useful tool to help with quick clean-ups so that your car will remain nice and clean. Portable vacuum cleaners are compact but powerful and therefore very convenient, easy to use, and can be stored in your vehicle while on a long journey.

  1. Sun Shades

Long hours on the road translate to many hours of sun exposure. Sun shades may be fitted to keep your car cool and your people out of the harsh rays of the sun. Easy to install, with excellent coverage, sun shades enhance comfort during your drive and, as such, are a summer road trip accessory must-have.

  1. Roof Box

When traveling with so much luggage or gear, a roof box can become your lifesaver. This will increase the amount of storage without cluttering the inside of your car. Spacious and aerodynamic, the roof boxes are really neat to have for any road trips taking a bit of time. It gives you the facility to carry more stuff without sacrificing comfort.

  1. Car Covers

Protection of your vehicle against agents such as rain, dust, or sunlight is quite essential when parked for long. This could be more so in India where one can experience extremely varying climatic conditions within the year. In such situations, a car cover will go a great way in keeping your vehicle clean by protecting it from dust, rain, and strong sunlight. It is durable, easy to slip on and off, thus safeguarding your car in whichever location you park it.

  1. Neck Pillows

Neck pillows are important for added comfort during long road trips. They will support the head and neck, letting you rest in comfort in your car. You might be looking to drive or ride along while a neck pillow is going to guarantee the ability to get your rest and have a much smoother drive.

Tips on How to Have a Successful Road Trip

Plan Your Route: Before embarking on your journey, make sure to plan out the best route. These trusty navigation apps will help you skip the traffic areas and locate the best routes.

Check Your Vehicle: First, ensure your vehicle is in top condition. Oil, coolants, tire pressure, and all vital fluids are at proper levels. A pre-trip inspection could very well avoid a breakdown that you might face while on the way.

Keep Yourself Hydrated and Well-Fed: Pack enough water and snack foods to keep everyone hydrated and energized for the entire trip.

Take Breaks: Take regular breaks to avoid fatigue. Stop every few hours, stretch your legs, and freshen yourself up.

Pack Smartly: Keep the things of utmost necessity at the front such as maps, phone chargers, first aid kits, etc. Avoid overloading the vehicle as it will cause reduced performance and safety factors.


Long and detailed road trips across India during summer can be an unforgettable experience if you are well-prepared. Be it comfort, security, or fun, the right car accessories will ensure that your journey turns out just fine. From car seat organizers and portable fridges to sunshades and roof boxes, these must-have accessories will make this summer road trip a breeze.

Bring home these essential car accessories, step out to enjoy the most breathtaking vistas of India, and make the most fully memorable memories in your picnic drives throughout the summertime. Stay safe and enjoy your road trip!

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