How to Install and Maintain Neodrift 7D Mats


Neodrift designs high-quality 7D mats to protect and enhance the interior of your vehicle while giving a custom fit and elegant style. These premium mats have been created to fit perfectly—as this provides the least chance of having any areas of bare flooring, besides making the perfect integration with the contours of your vehicle. This information will show you how to fit and care for Neodrift 7D mats to keep your interior refreshed in both appearance and feel.

Installation of Neodrift 7D Mats

  • Preparation:
  • Clean the interior so that the installation process could go smoothly and with no hassle. Remove dust, dirt, or old floor mats.

    Familiarize yourself with the Neodrift 7D mats' design and lay-out. This will give you an outlook on how they will look in your vehicle.

  • Positioning the Mats:
  • Begin with the driver's side mat. Fit it carefully into the footwell, making sure it contours to the floor. Adjust the positioning to have a snug fit.

    Take the same process to the passenger-side and the rear mats. The set of mats should inter-elude with each other and hide every uneven area from view.

  • Custom Fit and Adjustments:
  • Neodrift 7D mats are vehicle model-specific and perfect to the dimensions and contours of any vehicle interior. For utmost fit, adjust a little if necessary to eliminate any obstacles on the pedals, limiting the motion of the driver. Keeping the Mats in Place: To help the mats stay in their place during use, some Neodrift 7D mats have non-slip backing or fastening systems.

    If your mats include hooks or clips, fix them to anchor points in the floor area of the vehicle so that they do not slide around.

    How to Clean Your Neodrift 7D Mats

  • Regular Cleaning:
  • Occasionally remove the mats from the vehicle and shake them vigorously to allow the dust and dirt to fall out.

    Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. It might prove useful in sucking up finer particles that might have settled into grooves on the mat.

  • Washing:
  • However, depending on the material, you can clean the mats with mild soap and water. Some Neodrift 7D mats are even machine washable.

    Avoid the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, for these ruin the material.

  • Drying:
  • After washing, air-dry the mats comprehensively before putting them back. Make sure they are very dry to avoid formation of any mold or mildew.

  • Check them for Damage:
  • Check regularly for wear. Look for holes, tears or thin spots in the material.

    Find and repair damage quickly, so it does not spread and safeguards the mat performance.

  • Storage
  • When you take the mats out to store them, keep them in a clean, dry area with no direct sunlight. It helps to keep them fit and last longer.


    Neodrift 7D mats come with just the right mix of style, protection, and comfort for any vehicle. Following the above installation and maintenance tips will make it not only possible to have a safe and clean drive but also ensure that your floor mats stay great for quite some time.

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