Neodrift Bike Cover for Keeway K300 R

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Material: SuperMax (₹2206/-)
Color: Red-Black
Sale price₹ 2,206.00 Regular price₹ 4,500.00
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Product Information


Introducing the Neodrift Aprilia RS660 Bike Cover, the ultimate protection solution for your Aprilia RS660. Designed for a universal fit, this cover safeguards your bike against harsh weather conditions, including rain, as well as from dust and scratches. As a leading name in bike accessories, Neodrift is dedicated to providing top-tier covers that blend functionality with style. This durable, lightweight cover includes a lock feature for added security, making it an essential accessory for any bike owner. Keep your bike in pristine condition with Neodrift Bike Cover, where innovation meets protection. This cover is your go-to solution for two-wheeler protection in any weather.





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