Neodrift - Car Cover for SEDAN BMW 5 SERIES

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Material: SuperTech (₹6196/-)
Color: Red+Black
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Product Information


Introducing the Neodrift BMW 5 SERIES Car Cover, the ultimate protection solution tailored specifically for your BMW 5 SERIES. Crafted with precision, our BMW 5 SERIES Car Cover ensures a perfect fit, safeguarding your vehicle against harsh weather conditions, dust, and scratches. As a leading name in car accessories, Neodrift is dedicated to providing top-tier car body covers that blend functionality with style. This durable, lightweight cover is easy to install, making it an essential car accessory for any BMW 5 SERIES owner. Keep your vehicle in pristine condition with Neodrift Car Body Cover, where innovation meets protection.





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Q1. What if there are additional fittings on my car like spoilers or roof racks?

Our car covers are designed for standard models. If your car has extras like spoilers or roof racks, please contact us via WhatsApp chat to discuss custom options and ensure a proper fit.

Q2. Will the cover fit every variant of a particular vehicle model?

We provide covers tailored for different variants and model years. Always select your specific model year when ordering. If no model year is listed, the cover fits all variants. For ranges like '2017-2022', it covers all variants within those years. Contact customer service for any queries.

Q3. Will it fit the antenna on the car?

Separate Antenna Pocket is only provided for Cars with 'Big Antenna'. For Cars with 'Small Antenna', there's no need for a separate antenna pocket as the cover's size is customised accordingly.

Q4. What is the life of the cover?

The lifespan of our car covers depends on the chosen variant and weather conditions. We offer five variants, with the topmost offering the strongest protection. A less durable cover in harsh weather may reduce its lifespan, while stronger covers last longer.

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